Philippine International Pyromusical Competition 2013

Just bought Gold Tickets for the 4th Philippine International Pyromusical Competition 2013 via Ensogo.

“One voucher is valid for all dates. One voucher is equivalent to 6 tickets which will be given upon redemption.”

So yes. I’ll be going to all those 6 5 Saturdays (can’t make it 6. I’m at Bora on Feb 23 lol) to watch the fireworks, and might capture videos or pictures of the event. If you want to join me, you can purchase tickets too. I don’t know how many hours left, but I’m sure that other discount sites will be soon selling this kind of tickets as the event goes nearer. I’ve also read that some sites or companies are giving away silver tickets so wait for promos like that!

But if you really want to go, regardless of any price, tickets will be available via TicketWorld (02-891-9999), TicketNet (02-911-5555) and SM Tickets (02-470-2222). Ticket prices are  P1,500/ P500/ P300/ P100. (In my case, I had 6pcs of P300-priced tickets).

Here’s the schedule of the PyroMusical Competition 2013:

  • February 16:
    • Japan – Tamaya Kitahara
    • Finland – Oy Pyroman Finland Ltd.
  • February 23
    • Taiwan – Yung Feng Fireworkds
    • Spain – Brunchu Pyro Experience
  • March 2
    • United Kingdom – Jubilee Fireworks Ltd.
    • South Korea – Hwarang Fireworks Inc.
  • March 9
    • Italy – Ipon Fireworks S.R.L
    • The Netherlands – Royal Fireworks
  • March 16
    • China – Liuyang New Year Fireworks Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
    • Australia – Fireworkx Inc.
  • March 23
    • Canada – Fireworks Spectacular
    • Philippines – Platinum Fireworks Inc. (Closing Exhibition)

Some tips I got from the other blogs:

  • If you’re going, try to be there as early as 5pm to get a great spot.
  • If you’re a photographer, go for the VIP section because they’re at an elevated position. Hence, they got a clearer view.
  • You can still get a good view of the Pyromusical so you really don’t need to buy tickets. (I actually bought one for the experience)
  • Here are Anton Diaz’ guide for a great pyro-experience and his fireworks photography tips.

P.S. This is one of the so many impulsive decisions I made in my life.  I might go alone to watch, and I really don’t care about it. I actually want to go on “solo trips” because I have plans on traveling to different places alone – yes, I want to be a solo traveler. It’s funny that my brother’s asking if I’ll just really only buy one voucher, and I said to him “Yes. I’m going to date myself”. LOL. Cheers to the future “solo trips” I’ll be having this month and next year!


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