Why do certain people want to be “The Mistress”?

Yesterday, just when I was about to sleep, I heard what our maid’s listening to the radio. And boy was I irritated. I don’t know what radio station was that. I’m not irritated by the show itself, but I’m irritated by the caller who was asking for an advice from the DJ. Basically, she was a “kabit” or the mistress of a guy who just dumped her. And guess what? She still wants him back.

I wonder why there are certain people who goes into this kind of relationship in the first place. Maybe if the couple wasn’t married, that would be okay. Be an abanger or such (No third party please). That’s basically alright and legal (Although I’m not really for this LOL). But being the kabit? Hello. There are so many fish in the sea!!!

I’ve heard in one radio station before that the DJ explained that the reason why people would still do this because they WANT that attention. They were raised in an environment where they weren’t given enough care by their parents (most likely the parent of the opposite sex) so by being the kabit, they have that certain “happiness” because they’re still given attention even if they really don’t deserve it.

Well, going back to the caller, I can feel the DJ that time because she was just controlling her anger. She basically said the right advice and all – move on, have a life, he has a family now so let go, etc. But love doesn’t make a person blind, it can also make a person deaf. Gurl, hihingi hingi ka ng advice, ayaw mo naman makinig. Ano gusto mo mangyari? Good thing that the caller, even if I know that she’s really not that willing to move on, finally said her last words to that guy who dumped her.

I personally believe that every decision we make is our own choice. There are certain circumstances that maybe, you don’t know that he or she’s married so it’s forgivable. But please, if that happens, LEAVE. Think of the husband or wife. Think of the kids. Think of the family that you’re wrecking.

Makakasapak ako ng tao pag sinabi niya sakin na ayaw nia iwan kasi mahal niya. Punyeta. Di naman agad agad mawawala yun e. Makakamove-on ka rin in time. Ayaw mo lang tanggapin kasi ngayon. Hindi siya ang responsable sa kasiyahan mo. Ikaw yun.

And to the person who’s married… UGH. I don’t know why. Maybe if that relationship’s for a short time, it’s okay. But if tumagal, like other relationships I know, oh please. Think of your family.

Know what? I personally believe that that’s why this is happening nowadays because of MEDIA. Nauuso na yung mga kabit teleseryes and movies. Funny thing is, other “wholesome” teleseryes even show this kind of relationship as “nakakakilig”.

Well, maybe there are certain situations that “true love” does really happen between those kind of lovers, like Prince Charles (ex husband of the late Princess Diana) and Camilla Parker, which are happily married right now. If that happens, well congratulations! (Can’t give any opinions on this right now. And besides, my topic is why people do get in the relationship in the first place.)

So to conclude my long blog post of “venting” in this issue..

Everything’s a choice. It just depends on YOU if you’re going to make the RIGHT or WRONG choice. And yes, please DON’T BE A KABIT.


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