Weekend Movie Reviews: Pascalina, Genghis Khan, Ang Pusang Gala, L’ Intervallo

The 3 movies I watched last Saturday (December 8), and the brochures of the two film festival (Italian Film Fest and Cinemanila). Sadly, I lost my Pascalina ticket. Bummer.

I attended all the film festivals last weekend (December 7-8), although sadly because of my financial status and schedule, I can’t possibly bear watch more than one film in each event. (Thank God to Italian Film Fest for the free entrance!)

And I must say, I have no regrets in watching these films to the point that my love for indie films grew more!

Note: I am not an expert in reviewing movies. I just want to share my insights and opinions on the following movies that I watched. I won’t give any ratings as well because I think my taste for films aren’t that high in standards.

Pascalina. I’m proud to watch this because this movie was the winner of CinemaOne Originals 2012 ‘Best Picture’! I didn’t know its synopsis when I watched it so I was shocked when I’ve learned that it was an ‘aswang’ movie. Well, unlike the gruesome ‘aswang’ movies that we have, this one’s different. It tells the psychological and uncanny journey of Pascalina, your usual normal girl that inherited the ‘aswang’ curse from her dying aunt. (R-18)

~ As the movie started to roll, I was like “WHAT”. It wasn’t shown in your the normal ‘movie’ quality. Later did I know that it was shot using just a simple camera – the Digital Harinezumi, which is a retro style camera that gave the movie its “washed out look”. I don’t know with the others, but I didn’t like it at first but as the story goes on, I felt that it was just right. It really gave the movie a “homy” feeling and gave justice to the climatic scenes. I like how it tells figuratively and literally on how Pascalina fought the ‘aswang’ in her. The ending of the movie is also something to look forward to. I literally had goosebumps after I watched this – which made me felt drained!

Genghis Khan. This is actually the first Filipino movie which was given international recognition! It is a 1952 film made by Manuel Conde, which was thought forever to be lost. It tells the story of Temujin, the Mongolian prince who has bravely fought for his people and kingdom.

~ I can’t tell how amazed I am with this movie. I didn’t expect that a ’50s film like this can make a ’90s kid interested and be at awe for it. I like how the story was told, and even its cinematography. The humor in the movie was also unexpected for this old film. It is one classic movie that I can watch all over again and again. Truly, a Philippine treasure!

Ang Pusang Gala. This film is another “lost and found”, only that its a 2001 film by the late director Mario O’ Hara. It was never showed in the Philippines and it was shelved for 11 years. This is a melodramatic movie where the main actors of the movie were Janice De Belen and Yul Servo. It is about an aging single woman that hasn’t any luck in men. (R-13)

~ I don’t like how some scenes of the movie were just “rushly” inserted. But the story is something to look forward to. It was able to show the trait of the characters. For me, it’s like Pascalina in a way. It has the psychological element – depicting how a person tackles the monster within. Well, it is also timely now because a lot of woman are getting old single, and it also tackles about one of the greatest monsters in life – love. The ending is something to look forward to!

L’ Intervallo. Ahhh.. my very first Italian film that I had watched. And if ever all Italian films are like this one, I would seriously be interested to watch it! L’ Intervallo, or The Interval, is a story about a boy and a girl locked up one abandoned school. The boy needs to guard the girl because of orders from the “boss”. The story goes deeper and deeper, and you’ll be able to meet Toto and Veronica and their innocent youth.

~ I really like this film for how the director narrates the story. The twists and the symbolic/ metaphorical scenes in the movie is something to look out for. I also like how it slowly shows the personality of the two characters. I also read in one blog post that both actors don’t have any acting experience but when you see how they deliver, you’ll be at awe. Why the movie was also entitled ‘The Interval’ is something to look forward to!

I seriously promote watching this kind of films. I am really looking forward to the next film festivals I’ll attend! Btw, I watched almost all of them all by myself. Check my next post (maybe will publish it tomorrow) about my last “Saturday” adventure! 🙂


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