This blog is owned by yours truly, April Pantoja. It is still a work-in-progress blog.

What kind of blog is this?

This  is a personal blog that contains my own experiences and opinions in life. It contains my love for travel, photography, movies, music, my country and of my fellow countrymen. I usually consider the blogs I make as a “lifestyle” blog because I won’t only blog about my own personal stuff, but would also share different knowledge I learned, may it be from the online or offline world. I would also add different events that support local industries – which I would like to attend to as well 🙂

Why did you leave your Blogger blog?

I actually left it because I really want a fresh start. Also, I would like to start a new kind of “blogger” life and based from my research, WordPress will be the best platform for it. Planning to shift to WordPress.org once I have the right time and resources.

Why a fresh start?

Blogging is a big part of my life. I can’t leave it, and given that I had all the motivation and/or inspiration as well as more time for it now, here I am – starting to make a name again in the blogger world. Also, this blog will be my “records” on how I am able to move on and have a start on a new chapter in my life – being single once again as well as graduating from student life. I have a lot of new things that I want to do and I would like to share that to people via my blog. These things that I’m referring to is something that I would like my visitors to be “inspired” with.

Why “Gallant Lady” and/or “My Metamorphosis”?

The name of this blog really had me thinking. I wanted to have a one word adjective that can describe me. I loved “gallant” because it means brave and high-spirited. Even if I don’t think I’m still not that gallant, this blog motivates me to be one. Metamorphosis, on the other hand, means transformation. And I think everything’s self-explanatory for that.

How to contact you?

If you want to message me or tell me something:

  • Feel free to leave comments at my blog posts.
  • E-mail me at aprilangelapantoja@gmail.com
  • Leave a message at my Tumblr page.


  • I wish to be invited to events. Hihi 😉
  • Looking for a good hosting company for WordPress that is Philippine-based.

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