Weekend Movie Reviews: Pascalina, Genghis Khan, Ang Pusang Gala, L’ Intervallo

The 3 movies I watched last Saturday (December 8), and the brochures of the two film festival (Italian Film Fest and Cinemanila). Sadly, I lost my Pascalina ticket. Bummer.

I attended all the film festivals last weekend (December 7-8), although sadly because of my financial status and schedule, I can’t possibly bear watch more than one film in each event. (Thank God to Italian Film Fest for the free entrance!)

And I must say, I have no regrets in watching these films to the point that my love for indie films grew more!

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How To Handle Memories With “Someone From The Past”?

“Cherish those memories. But not to the point that you’re still holding on to it. Live in the present. Make new and happier memories.”

This is my own personal quote in “moving on”. Hope to inspire others by this blog post 🙂

P.S. Quotes are usually posted in my Tumblr blog so go and visit! It just so happened that I made this and felt so inspired to share it to anyone who randomly visited this blog, and to people who are also in the “moving on” or “letting go” stage 🙂

Why do certain people want to be “The Mistress”?

Yesterday, just when I was about to sleep, I heard what our maid’s listening to the radio. And boy was I irritated. I don’t know what radio station was that. I’m not irritated by the show itself, but I’m irritated by the caller who was asking for an advice from the DJ. Basically, she was a “kabit” or the mistress of a guy who just dumped her. And guess what? She still wants him back.

I wonder why there are certain people who goes into this kind of relationship in the first place. Maybe if the couple wasn’t married, that would be okay. Be an abanger or such (No third party please). That’s basically alright and legal (Although I’m not really for this LOL). But being the kabit? Hello. There are so many fish in the sea!!!

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Ang Bandang Shirley’s TAMA NA ANG DRAMA Album Launch

I remember in the first weeks that I joined Soundcloud, I tried to look for different OPM bands that I still don’t know yet. And that time, I got myself introduced to the likes of Jensen Gomez (who followed me back. Hihi flattered much :”>), Tide/Edit (Most especially to Clarence Garcia), Flying Ipis, and so much more. I actually listen more on the ones with sets because I use it during my “work” nights and there’s one band that has sets that I liked and used during the “whee hours” in order to stay awake. Hence, they were my “companions” to my non-sleeping days. I even shared their soundcloud profile to my friend! And yes, that band is Ang Bandang Shirley.

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