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Weekend Movie Reviews: Pascalina, Genghis Khan, Ang Pusang Gala, L’ Intervallo

The 3 movies I watched last Saturday (December 8), and the brochures of the two film festival (Italian Film Fest and Cinemanila). Sadly, I lost my Pascalina ticket. Bummer.

I attended all the film festivals last weekend (December 7-8), although sadly because of my financial status and schedule, I can’t possibly bear watch more than one film in each event. (Thank God to Italian Film Fest for the free entrance!)

And I must say, I have no regrets in watching these films to the point that my love for indie films grew more!

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Moviemov: International Italian Film Festival 2012


As I was browsing through my favorite website SPOT.PH – which I use to know about latest gigs, events, and other kind of stuff – I happen to discover that there’s also another film festival for this week! (Gosh! Film Festivals overload! I think I’ll be at GB for the whole weekend LOL)

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