A letter to my 2012.

Dear 2012,

You are not the best year of my life. You had given me a lot of problems, most especially heartaches, that I can’t imagine during your start. I shed a lot of tears (and even cried myself to sleep), gained some weight, had a lot of sleepless nights and stressful days, and other many shitty stuff during your time.

But, I am thankful for you. I got five reasons why.

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Don’t Forget (An Original Poem)

Don’t forget to smile
It keeps you sane
Life’s worries are going
Down to drain

Don’t forget to laugh
It is yet the best medicine in town
But it is a reminder that you are happy
So go laugh all day long without a frown

Don’t forget to be grateful
Thank everything or everyone
That is in your life
Remember to cherish all what you have

Don’t forget to live
Live like it’s the end of the world
Go out. Travel.
Do something you have always wanted to do

Smile, laugh, thank and live

Yes my dear, don’t forget
Don’t ever forget

~ A poem I made out of the blue. First time to make one after a LOOOOONG TIME. Sorry, it’s not that good. Need more practice.

Any comments/suggestions are welcome 🙂

MMFF 2012 New Wave Category Schedule!

Schedule for the New Wave category for MMFF 2012. They will be shown from December 18-22 at Glorrieta Cinema 1 for only 100php. If you want to see the trailers, you can check it out here! 🙂

Who’s into indie films? Tara!

P.S. Sad that this ain’t promoted that much by MMFF 😦 And oh, thanks to Sir Eseng Cruz who shared this photo. If it weren’t for him, I wouldn’t be able to know the schedule of the New Wave category. To show my gratitude, I’m promoting the films…

The Grave Bandits (Full Length) and Sonata (Shorts – UP Diliman). So gogogo. Let’s support the New Wave category! 🙂

How To Be Alone?

Note: This is not mine. This is written by Tanya Davis. I love it so much so I’m sharing it. Hope you’ll get inspired like me!

If you are at first lonely, be patient.

If you’ve not been alone much, or if when you were, you weren’t okay with it, then just wait. You’ll find it’s fine to be alone once you’re embracing it.

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“The Multiverse”, a theory by William James that suggested that there is not only one universe but a number of ones are existing in parallel to each other.

Hmmm. How interesting.

P.S. And no, I really don’t mean to reblog this just because it is related to my situation. I really like the concept and how it is explained in this blog post.